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Introduction to Statistics

Irregular Sample: every individual from the populace has a similar possibility of being chosen Representative Sample: attributes ought to speak to those of the objective populace without predisposition Observational Study: no mediation by the agent, no treatment forced Experimental Study: Investigator has some command over the determinant Variables: Categorical †every perception falls into a catlike number of gatherings Nominal: named factors with no inferred request e. G. Character type Ordinal: assembled factors with suggested request e. G. Cover of instruction Continuous †estimated factors Discrete: take discrete qualities e. G. Number of youngsters Numerical: can accept any an incentive inside a specific range/basic e. G. Stature Types of Designs: True trial: analyst can possibly haphazardly apportion perceptions to conditions Quasi-try: show a connection between an IV/DVD scientist utilizes normally happening gatherings, can't make circumstances and logical results art iculations Non-tests (relationship configuration): question If there Is a connection between factors, can't make cause and impact statementsBetween gatherings: two gatherings being thought about on some result measure Within-subjects: members experience each state of an IV, with estimations of some result taken on each event Extraneous factors: variable present In a trial, which may Interfere with the connection between IV and DVD Confounding factors: intervening variable that can antagonistically influence the connection between IV/DVD Internal legitimacy: degree to which an easygoing relationship can be accepted between IV and DVD.External legitimacy: degree to which you can sum up the consequences of your investigation to mother hidden populace T-test One example t-test †An: information ought to emerge from a typical populace Paired t-test - An: unquestionable requirement be free, emerge from an ordinary dispersion and populaces of same spreads Independent example †An: ordinarily conveyed, homogeneity of changes, autonomy of the perceptions Correlation/Regression †A: the connection in the populace is direct, the residuals in y have a consistent standard deviation and the residuals emerge from a typical appropriation disdains of solid match and trial of freedom †A: normal check must be bigger than five

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5 Critical Concepts You Must Understand to Ace ACT English

5 Critical Concepts You Must Understand to Ace ACT English SAT/ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips The ACT English can be overpowering. There are such a significant number of inquiries! What's more, they're for the most part just underlined content: what are they in any event, inquiring? Obviously, that disarray is the general purpose: it's what makes this piece of the test hard. I don't get that's meaning for you? Since the ACT test writersrely on yourconfusion about the formatto befuddle you, the inquiries themselves as a rule aren't so troublesome. So as to exceed expectations onthe English area of the ACT, you first need to see how it's sorted out in case you're not yet clear on that, investigate our post spreading out precisely what's tried on the ACT English. Onceyou know the fundamentals of how this area of the test work, you simply have tolearnhow to move toward it. Do that, and you’ll find that the English area is surprisinglysimple! There are five key focuses you have to comprehend about the ACT English: ACT English Isn't the Same as High School English The ACT Tests a Limited Set of English Concepts You Always Need a Plan You Can Use the Format to Your Advantage Hurrying Will Hurt Your Score How about we experience these each in turn. Highlight Image Credit: CollegeDegrees360 #1: ACT English Isn't the Same as Everyday InformalEnglish A ton of understudies accept that since they communicate in English the English segment ought to be simple, correct? Not exactly. Indeed, even understudies who exceed expectations with composing and language in school can battle with the ACT English in light of the fact that the testhas its own rationale. The ACTwill here and there consider sentences that would approve of your English instructor wrong, while a portion of the developments that are right on the test would cause your educator to wince. Answers That Sound Right however Are Actually Wrong A typical methodology on the ACT English is to tune in for blunders and pick the appropriate response that sounds right. This methodology is positively useful for selecting a portion of the more clear mistakes, yet the test will utilize it against you. There are a great deal of inquiries concerning developments that we routinely abuse in communicated in English-they may sound right, however they're in reality wrong. Take ought to of for instance: On the off chance that he would not like to be late, he ought to of taken the shorter course. Soundsfine! Yet, this is really an incorrect spelling of should've, the constriction of ought to have. If you state both should've and ought to of for all to hear, you'll notice that they sound practically indistinguishable. The right form of the sentence is: On the off chance that he would not like to be late, he should'vetaken the shorter course. I don't suggest depending on tuning in for mistakes, yet in the event that you do plan to do as such (and regardless of whether you don't) make a point to examine the blunders that we routinely make when talking: pronouns, subject-action word understanding, word decision, and commas. New Grammar Rules Much all the more befuddling are the ACT English's one of a kind language rules, manyof which will becompletely new to youor evencontradict what you've been instructed in school. With that in mind,the most significant exhortation I can give you about the ACT English is to move toward the test on its own terms. For instance, a typical mistake I see understudies make is accepting that the most conventional answer is the best one. In school you're relied upon to utilize extremely formal English for articles and assignments, so shouldn't the ACT need something very similar? However, it doesn't exactly work that way, as you'll find in this model. This inquiry pose for an answer that completes two things: gives the most explicit detail and keeps up the style and tone of the exposition. Choices An and B can be precluded on the grounds that neither one of the ones gives explicit subtleties. That leaves answers C and D, which both determine that the furnace's temperature transcends a thousand degrees-the contrast between them is one of tone. In case you're searching for the most proper answer, D appears to be right; notwithstanding, that answer is pointlessly tedious and doesn't fit with the more conversational style of the entry itself. All things considered, C, which gives the important detail in a tone that fits into the section, is the right answer. You can't expect that the ACT English adheres to similar principles that you've been educated in school; rather, you need to comprehend what the test itself needs you to know. The ACT English isn't care for this(â © David Shankbone) #2: The Rules for ACT English May Be Weird, yet There Aren't That Many of Them In the event that, as I just told you,a part of what you definitely think about English is pointless on the ACT, at that point what do you have to know? So, you should know the particular arrangement of decides that the ACT thinks about significant, just as how those principles are tried on the ACT. All things considered, fortunately, the sorts of inquiries on the ACT Englishare incredibly restricted, which makes this segment of the test shockingly simple to contemplate for.These questions fall into two categories:usage and mechanics (~55%) and explanatory abilities (~45%).I'mnot going to detailall the ideas you have to know-investigate our total manual for ACT syntax decides for that-rather, I'm going to assist you with beginning analyzinghow the ACTwritersdesign questions. Recall that the ACT tests conceptsin setting, so it's less essential to know the names of terms of the purpose for rules than to see how to spot and right mistakes. Utilization and Mechanics The utilization and mechanics questions are divvied up into three classes: sentence structure, which incorporates sentence pieces, run-ons, lost modifiers, and parallelism language structure and utilization, which incorporates subject-action word understanding, action word tense, pronoun use, and descriptive words and verb modifiers accentuation, which incorporates commas, punctuations, runs, colons, and semi-colons. To excel on the utilization and mechanics, you need to both realize the language structure leads as definedby the ACT andunderstand how to detect those blunders by and by. That implies contemplating the ideas see our in-depthguide to the ACT English(coming soon!) or our manual for the best ACT books-and afterward penetrating yourself with genuine ACT practice sections, which you can discover in the Official Guide to the ACT or on the web. Since the ACT is normalized, these subjects are tried in certain characterized manners that you will see over and over. For instance, a ton of action word tense inquiries are really subject-action word understanding inquiries in camouflage: all the appropriate responses are in various structures, however just one is effectively conjugated. As you practice, look out for these sorts of stunts the better you get at understanding the rationale of the inquiries, the higher your score will be. Explanatory Skills Explanatory aptitudes questions are the ones that truly befuddle a great deal of understudies, since they aren't even remotely like the test questionsyou seein school. The ACT arranges them in to three gatherings: association, which spreads changes and sentence and passage request methodology, which spreads sentence increments and primary thought questions style, which covers excess and word decision. In spite of the fact that each kind of explanatory abilities question has its own idiosyncrasies, they're practically completely administered by two fundamental standards: All composition ought to be as clear as could reasonably be expected. You should respond to the inquiry you're being posed. That may seem like drivel, so we should separate it. At the point when I state that you ought to organize clearness in picking answers, I imply that you need to concentrate on finding the most clear answer, for example the decision that gives the entirety of the fundamental data and that's it, in the most clear way possible.Phrasing questions will attempt to mistake you for additional words that sound keen or significant: don't let them fool you! My subsequent point may appear to be unnecessary (obviously you need to respond to the inquiry!), however it's similarly as significant as the first. On the ACT English, the test itemsthat include genuine inquiries will pose to you for quite certain things. You should peruse these inquiries cautiously and pick the appropriate response that best fits the standards they spread out. We should take a gander at a real expository abilities question to perceive how to apply these thoughts. None of these answers include a great deal of additional words, however C and D are both expressed marginally confusingly, so we can most likely standard those out. Next, we should take a gander at what precisely the inquiry is posing for: a particular and clear depiction of the submerged landscape. Presently we can be certain that C and D aren't right they're both quitevague. In addition, we can see that An unquestionable requirement be the right answer, since it's the one in particular that gives a feeling of what the submerged scene really resembles. Since we've secured how the ACT English is unique in relation to what you may expect, we should cover the apparatuses you have to handle this as a matter of fact abnormal test effectively. #3: Always Have a Plan of Attack Since the organization of the ACT English is so not quite the same as the tests you take in school, it's anything but difficult to get confounded or overpowered and wind up moving toward the entries indiscriminately, taking a gander at each underlined segment exclusively. Try not to do this! Since the test is intended to test sentence structure ideas in setting, taking a gander at just the underlined segments will make you miss questions. Rather, you need to have a procedure for how you approach entries that you utilize each time you step through the exam, regardless of whether it's for training or the genuine article. Various strategies work best for various individuals, and you'll need to choose what bodes well for you. Be that as it may, each goodstrategyshares one indispensable rule: regardless of where in asentence the underlined segment shows up, you should consistently peruse as far as possible of the sentence. On the off chance that you don't do this, it will hurt your score-a great deal. For a full breakdown of the upsides and downsides of various techniques, investigate our post onthe most ideal approach to move toward the ACT English sections. Beneath I've remembered a snappy adopt for two potential strategies. The Best Strategy for ApproachingACT English Passages Like I said previously, every understudy has their own specific manner of moving toward things. Be that as it may, I've discovered that the procedure that best limits the potential for misconception setting is to first r

Napoleon Essay -- European History Military Generals Essays

Napoleon â€Å"I live just for children, demise is nothing, yet to live without brilliance is to kick the bucket each day† (Lefebvre 43). Napoleon was driven by his craving for brilliance and aspiration and his rising was gigantic. Conceived in Corsica, his family moved to France, in Marseilles, when he was just a youngster. From the condition of a â€Å"lieutenant,† at sixteen years old, to the one of ruler in 1804, till ruling over the European landmass after his victory of Prussia, his rising was not just because of the occasions that happened during his life, but on the other hand was because of his aspiration and his gigantic virtuoso. His virtuoso was both military and political. Napoleon was a military virtuoso as a result of his profession velocity. He went to the School of Officers in Paris. At sixteen years old he was at that point a lieutenant. At Toulon, this fight empowered him to climb rapidly the echelons in the military. As Chandler states, Napoleon provided military requests to deliver an enormous number of firearms. These weapons and mortars gave Napoleon the likelihood to assault the various fortresses arranged in places that were disregarding the harbor. On account of this creation, Napoleon had the option to deliver enough firearms to assault the spot without having an extraordinary misfortune in his military. Horne proclaimed the recover of the port became conceivable on the grounds that the past assaults empowered Napoleon to put various firearms and mortars in great situation to fire the British armada directed by Hood (17). By the achievement of his catch, the British armada left the harbor and Napoleon increased extraordinary acknowledgmen t by the military and was not long after elevated to the position of â€Å"gã ©neral de brigade.† Napoleon’s military virtuoso is seen through the new division of the military. Entryways state... ..., Georges. â€Å"A Romantic Tempered by Realpolitik.† Kafker and Laux. Napoleon and his Times: Selected Interpretations. Malabar Florida: Robert E. Krieger Pub. Co., 1989. Napoleonic Europe 1812. Guide. Map book of European History. By Bartholomew, Edinburgh. New York: HarperCollins, 1994. 148-49 Rothenberg, Gunther. â€Å"Military Affairs.† Kafker and Laux. Napoleon and his Times: Selected Interpretations. Malabar, Florida: Robert E. Krieger Pub. Co., 1989. Rowe, Michael. â€Å"Debate: Napoleon and the Post-Revolutionary Management of Sovereignty.† Modern and Contemporary France 8.4 (2000): 510-13. Scholastic Search Premiere. EBSCO. Roesch Library, Dayton. 04 Nov. 2002 <> Vandal, Albert. â€Å"The Restoration of Order and National Unity.† Kafker and Laux. Napoleon and his Times: Selected Interpretations. Malabar Florida: Robert E. Krieger Pub. Co., 1989.

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Humanities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 9

Humanities - Essay Example Roman glass producers utilized The Hellenic procedure of listing glass for open structure cups and bowls over a raised form in throwing in the first century BC The glass blowing strategy permitted the advancement of bunch shapes and plans which revolutionalized glass industry all over Europe. It additionally expanded the employments of glass in numerous parts of life everywhere throughout the Roman Empire since it was simpler to make it. The war triumphs by Romans prompted more successes which were conceivable in light of the fact that the Appian Way was there. This prompted contact with different societies consequently the Roman culture had a ton of impact from numerous pieces of Europe. Captives of war brought their social impact. The Roman Empire had the option to spread its way of life all through Europe including Latin and this was just conceivable on the grounds that the military was very much provided and could move in speed to any â€Å"theatre of war† as Claudius had expected. For the most part, such works were made when the blue-blood was alive and all things considered, it paints an association of the present to the past. The Roman workmanship was inclined to authenticity not at all like that of the Greeks. A blue-blood might want such a depictive figure made to demonstrate to his ancestry that life is a constant excursion and moreover, to make an association with extraordinary characters who existed before them. The consideration with which the noble holds the busts shows love and not scorn as scalp tracker would hold their trophies in disdain. 2. The water passages; these shows the brightness in using regular assets to serve the requirements of the individuals. Until this point, relatively few urban communities can flaunt such radiant showcases virtuoso in serving their masses. 3. The utilization of cement; the Roman Empire is still recollected on the grounds that there is confirmation of how incredible they were through existing structures like the Parthenon. Until this point in time, concrete is as yet the material of decision hundreds of years after the splendid Roman architects developed it. The colloseum

Weebly Review 2020 Does Weebly Wobble or Fall Down Flat

Weebly Review 2020 Does Weebly Wobble or Fall Down Flat .elementor-19992 .elementor-element.elementor-element-19992{text-align:center}Last Updated on January 25, 2020Chances are, youve heard of Weebly before. Its one of the older drag-and-drop website builders, having been in existence since 2006. In the span of ten years, theyve built a large base of customersâ€"more than 40 million. The service has been lauded for its ease-of-use, features, and speed (when it comes to getting a site up and running).They have an acclaimed platform, one that many recommend, but does it still hold up now that newer Weebly alternatives are on the scene? Does the convenience justify the lack of control over your site? We plan to cover those questions and more today in our comprehensive Weebly review. Disclosure As an independent review site, we get compensated if you purchase through the referral links or coupon codes on this page â€" at no additional cost to you. Dismiss alert Click Here To Start Your Weebly Site NowTable of Contents The Big Picture Revie w of WeeblyWeebly Reviews: Pros ConsPROSIts Is Easy To UseThey Dont Skimp On The ThemesThe App Is Quite FunctionalThe E-Commerce Options Are SolidAdditional ConsiderationsCONSTheyve Pulled A Bit Of Billing TrickeryThey Mess With Your SEO EffortsTheir Content Management Could Use Some ImprovementAdvanced Users Will Feel Locked-InAdditional ConsiderationsConclusionThe Big Picture Review of WeeblyYou wont find extensive behind-the-scenes controls or advanced functionality. What you will get, though, is an intuitive website creation tool and a measure of reassurance that whatever you build will work. A fair tradeoff for most.Click Here To Start Your Weebly Site Now Join the FREE TrainingDo You Want To Learn How To Build 6 Figures Authority Sites?Join This Free Training To...Finally have a proven method to finding profitable nichesGet access to a foolproof keyword research methodLearn how to outsource quality contentLearn how to build white hat links to your site without headaches We ebly Reviews: Pros ConsWere going to be covering a few of the features that make Weebly great, and a few more that mar the experience. For the most part, the good outweighs the bad, but our Weebly website review wouldnt be complete if we didnt warn you about some of the pitfalls.PROSIts Is Easy To UseThis is the main selling point for many drag-and-drop builders. This holds true for Weebly in a big way. All you need to get started is your email address and password. That grants you access to the most basic of options: the free site. Its not much in the way of resources, only about ten pages worth of content and 500MB storage. Weebly will hound you with ads on your free site as well, but its enough for you to test out some features and see if you enjoy the platform.Youll probably want to go with a paid plan to get rid of the ads, though. All higher-level options provide unlimited storage and the ability to connect your domain. Heres what Weebly has on offer:Starterâ€"For personal us e. Plans are $8/month.Proâ€"For Groups Organizations. Plans are $12/month.Businessâ€"For Small Businesses Stores. Plans are $25/month.Performanceâ€"For Power sellers. Plans are $49/month.Click Here To Start Your Weebly Site NowAfter sign-up, you can jump right into using the site builder. As with many others, you start by choosing a template. From there, you can choose a domain for your site. Youll want to avoid using subdomain, so you should be prepared to fork over some cash to get a custom one. The interface is pretty simple. Theres a side-panel on the left that lets you drag elements onto the page and access tools that youll use to edit the template. Your options for adding things are about what youd expect: text boxes, images, video, audio, spacers, etc.You cant drag the items anywhere you want on the page, but newbies could interpret this as a good thing. Its like designing with the training wheels onâ€"less chance youll make an error and end up with an ugly loo king layout. You can designate sections, which are areas of the page where you can drag additional objects.You wont have to figure all of this out on your own either. Weebly has great tutorials that bring you up to speed on the basics. Theyll give you tooltips via pop-up buttons on the platform. They will also send you emails with additional information youre going to want to access.You can add forms, newsletters, third-party apps, and a whole lot more to get your site the way you want it to be (within reason, of course). As we covered earlier, they do treat you with the kid gloves, but this is in the interest of keeping things streamlined for beginners.Should you get stuck at any point along the way, Weebly offers ample support options to get you back on track. Like most, they have a central Support Center that you can go to to get answers to all of your burning questions.The Support Center is searchable, and they also provide a card layout of general topics you might want to explo re. This includes stuff like getting started, building your site, implementing e-commerce options, and email marketing, among others.If you need even more assistance, you can take a peek at the Developer Docs or take a trip over to the Community page. The Community is especially helpful, as it shows you the current buzz among other users and lets you probe them for answers to questions you might have. Theres an option for giving feedback, and sub-categories dividing up specific user questions.If you need some inspiration for your layout, the aptly named Inspiration Center and the Weebly Blog have posts on techniques you can implement to jazz up your site. These come from expert users and contain insights that will spark your creative juices in profound ways.If you still feel intimidated about creating your site on your own, you can just get a professional to do it for you. Theres a fee involved, naturally, but the process is straightforward. Head over to the web design services page , get a quote, then get hooked up with a designer. You explain what you want, supply them with some content, and theyll handle the rest.Weebly even builds mobile site design right into the platform. Just create your site, then youll have a functional mobile version generated automatically. You can fine-tune the mobile template if you wish, adding custom headers, or a different mobile theme entirely. There are some limits on customization, but it takes out the guesswork out of the equation (which is what beginners want).They Dont Skimp On The ThemesHow can that be? you might ask. I read some reviews that said they only have 48 themes! This is true. Weebly doesnt offer the same number of themes that some other website builders do. They do, however, offer some of the most drop-dead gorgeous designs right-out-the-box. Theres often very little tweaking youll need to do to get the site looking the way you want it to. The best part is that the appearance will remain professional in spite of any rookie errors you might make along the way.Example time: check out the Highpeak theme. A beautiful scrolling design with powerful imagery. It takes the visitor on a journey through your featured content and has a persistent navigation bar that makes it easy for them to get to another area of the site quickly. The layout is clean and just requires that you plug in your own details (and perhaps a few extras youd like).As you can see, quality beats out quantity. Weeblys professional options and customization abilities negate the perceived lack of choice. No matter what theme you go with, youll get a finished product that will dazzle your customers.The App Is Quite FunctionalWeebly has one of the best mobile apps on the market. Using your tablet, you can manage the elements of your site on the go. It too is drag-and-drop, making editing a breeze. Its not perfect, but its more than enough for quick updates. Weebly has also added Apple Watch functionality that updates you on the site traffic and transactions from your online store. Speaking of whichThe E-Commerce Options Are SolidWeebly reviews and more harp on the need for e-commerce solutions. Its a must-have for anyone looking to build a site business reasons. Weebly delivers in this regard, with options that, while not the pinnacle of e-commerce, provide more than enough for a beginner setting up their first store.You can create your store page much like youd create any other page on your site. Youll get an integrated shopping cart and checkout options for your customers. You can establish an inventory, and your customers can search or filter options to find exactly what they want.Weebly provides varied payment options, along with extras to make managing your store simple. They include real-time shipping rates, an automatic tax calculator, fine-tuned tax controls, and the ability to implement sales and coupons to attract customers.Additional ConsiderationsAmong Weeblys multitude of offerings are extra perks that further enhance your experience. You can work in AdSense ads onto your page at your discretion. You can set up a blog with on-site and threaded social comments. It saves your blog updates automatically, making changes easier than with Wix or other site builders.They also provide free access to analytics for your site. You can track how many people are coming to your site, when your busy periods are, and what content is engaging them the most. This is powerful information that will let you strategize for future updates and changes.On top of all that, Weebly ranks among the top-tier of site builders in terms of uptime and reliability. Website Tool Tester shows that their percentage at 99.96% for a four-month period. This is superior to the other web builders they tested and totaled around an hour-and-a-half when all was said and done.CONSTheyve Pulled A Bit Of Billing TrickeryHeres something most Weebly reviews seem to overlook. They advertise a monthly rate for thei r prices but omit the fact that youre locked in for a 6-month term until youre ready to complete your sign-up order. Not the most upfront move on their part. Even if it isnt a deliberate attempt at a swindle, it could be interpreted as underhanded by some and isnt the best way to go about doing business.They Mess With Your SEO EffortsThey have some SEO aid built into their site, a good sitemap, along with HTML formatting, meta descriptions and more to help you get ranked. Thats why its painful when you learn that you cant properly name your image files to improve your SEO. It might be a minor quibble for some, but anyone trying to gain a competitive advantage in getting their site discovered will have reason to be wary.Their Content Management Could Use Some ImprovementKeeping things orderly while you are designing your Weebly site could pose something of a challenge. For small sites, its no big deal. If youre creating a large site, however, youll start to lose track of your pages. Theres no way to add any custom content types, and its difficult to filter and sort what you do have. Weebly isnt the only offender when it comes to this, but its something that tarnishes the overall experience.Advanced Users Will Feel Locked-InWeve mentioned it throughout our Weebly websites review, theyve made the platform very beginner-friendly. This, unfortunately, comes at the cost of advanced features that pro users like to use. If you want to make in-depth stylistic customizations and tweaks, youre not going to find that ability when you sign up with Weebly.Additional ConsiderationsThere are other small details about Weebly that may grind your gears, irrespective of your level of web experience. For one, theres no undo option while youre building your page.If you mess something up, youve got to change it back manually. If you want to edit photos on-the-fly, youre going to find the options for doing so lacking. There is some photo customization, but it consists of cropping, ro tating, limited filters, and not much else. On top of that, they dont provide online storage for your site images. Youll have to upload from your computer again and again if you want to reuse a particular image.These drawbacks dont kill the service, but they are annoying. They keep Weebly website reviews from rising to the top of the pack. If Weebly were to get on fixing them, they could score much higher with a broader range of users.ConclusionOverall, Weebly is a solid website builder with plenty of functionality aimed at beginner users. If you want to create a site easily, you need to get an online store ready quick, or if you just want to see what having a site is all about, Weebly is a good option that provides a great value.Click Here To Start Your Weebly Site Now

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Location as Identity in Annie Hall - Literature Essay Samples

Through intense visuality and the complex connections among various characters, Woody Allen in Annie Hall suggests an inextricable connection between geographical location and identity in terms of class, religion, politics, and interpersonal relationships. Within the film, key characters are presented, defined and developed for the audience through both where they exist geographically in 1970s America and how they perceive other locations culturally. From depicting this intersection between location and identity in society, Allen delivers a personal overview of regional differences in this period.Allens character of Alvy Singer is largely defined both by his upbringing in Brooklyn and his proud self-identification as a Manhattanite. Young Alvys early anxiety is shown in a scene with his mother in a doctors office, where he explains his fear that the entire universe is inexorably expanding towards dissolution. This is the first instance of Alvys cosmopolitan attitude: even as a child, he contemplates the entire universe itself and reaches a conclusion about life based on far-off cosmic events. Furthermore, a contrast is established between Alvys broad, abstract thinking and the relatively down-to-earth parochiality of his mother, who insists very matter-of-factly, What has the Universe got to do with it? Youre here in Brooklyn! Brooklyn is not expanding!In his adult life, Alvy as well as the film exhibits an ambivalent attitude towards New York, poking fun at it but ultimately cherishing the city. In the first scene with adult Alvy, we see him kvetching to his best friend Rob about anti-Semitism. Rob turns the conversation to California, suggesting that his friend move to Los Angeles, an idea Alvy dismisses, saying, I dont want to live in a city where the only cultural advantage is that you can make a right turn on a red light. Yet in the very next scene, Alvys irritation with New York becomes apparent. Waiting for Annie outside a theater, he is pestered by tw o rude men in leather jackets who, despite not entirely recognizing Alvy, ask for his autograph and loudly exclaim, Alvy Singer over here! Alvy insults them as urban yokels, saying, What is this, a meeting of the Teamsters? and, to Annie once shes arrived:Alvy: Im standing with the cast of The Godfather. Annie: Youre going to have to learn to deal with it.Alvy: Deal! Im dealing with two guys named Cheech!Later, while the two wait in line for tickets, Alvy is irritated by a loud intellectual talking to his date. About them, Alvy remarks, Probably met by answering an ad in the New York Review of Books. Thirtyish academic wishes to meet woman whos interested in Mozart, James Joyce and sodomy.'Alvys aggravation with elements of New York is starkly contrasted by the spirited love of the city that appears through various stylistic elements in the film. Despite these irritating background characters, the Manhattan of Annie Hall is filled with interesting people and innumerable possibilitie s for interpersonal contact, which the film eagerly explores. To prove a point in the ticket line scene, Alvy pulls Marshall McLuhan out of the ether. Truman Capote strolls through the famous Central Park people watching scene as Alvy remarks, Theres the winner of the Truman Capote look-alike contest. At one point in the film, Alvy, troubled by his break-up with Annie, surreally culls advice and personal information from complete strangers walking down the street. An old woman explains to him, love fades, about which Alvy ponders, love fades? God, thats a depressing thought. Much like Coney Island to young Alvy, Manhattan to adult Alvy seems like a playground, as he plays strangers like mental soundboards to work out his romantic anxieties. Underscoring this view: at the end of the scene, Alvy even stops a mounted policeman, a little ornament of the city, in the middle of the street to casually pet his horse. While Brooklyn isnt expanding, Manhattan certainly is inwards, through th ese fantastical, seemingly infinite possibilities suggested here.Even more striking is the intense visual focus the city itself receives in the film. Allens propensity for long shots and creative compositions often provide wide, beautiful views of Manhattan which put the city at the fore. In the early scene where Alvy and Rob are walking, the two appear within the frame very far in the background, steadily moving towards the camera while the viewer is treated to a stationary view of a tree-lined sidewalk. After Annie and Alvy leave the club during their first date together, they stroll down a dimly-lit sidewalk remaining in the left side of the frame as the camera pans to follow them. The lighting of the storefronts complements the action. At the beginning of the shot, Annie is distressed about her performance as they walk in front of stores lit by bright, reddish hues; Alvy ameliorates her then stops to kiss her in front of a store illuminated by cool, blue light. Indeed, their re lationship is often characterized emotionally by this New York backdrop. Alvy tells Annie, I lurve you, as the two caress on a dock at evening with the Brooklyn Bridge lit by a festive row of green lights prominently featured in the background. They share the frame with the unmistakable feature of one of the bridges stone towers. In an iconic shot which appears on the films release poster, Annie and Alvy, decked in white, share drinks on a terrace behind Annies apartment, flanked by a seemingly endless series of overlapping beige and brown apartment buildings separated from the two future lovers by a row of bright red and pink flowers. In his filmmaking, Allen nearly fetishizes 1970s Manhattan by giving it such great prominence, and this aura rubs off on the films players.The troubling identity crisis Alvy experiences in the film is neatly complemented by this broad duality. Alvys remark in the opening monologue, I would never want to belong to any club that would have me as a membe r, mirrors this love/hate relationship with Manhattan. Alvy considers himself a member of the cognoscenti in New York, yet at a cocktail party with his ex-wife Robin, he mocks his fellow urban intellectuals: You know, its one thing about intellectuals, they prove that you can be absolutely brilliant and have no idea whats going on. Alvy appears supremely comfortable in New York, and refuses to even consider moving to a place like Los Angeles, mercilessly criticizing it in contrast to the open mind Annie keeps when the two visit in the third act of the film. At his house party in L.A., Tony Lacey tells the two, youre still New Yorkers, to which Alvy replies, Yeah, I love it there. He is, for all intents and purposes, a true New Yorker, one who both a product and an embodiment of the city and its culture.Alvys own attitudes and speech help reinforce this relationship between location and identity in the film. When meeting his future first wife for the first time at an Adlai Stevenson rally, he characterizes her thus:You, you, youre like New York, Jewish, left-wing, liberal, intellectual, Central Park West, Brandeis University, the socialist summer camps and the, the father with the Ben Shahn drawings, right, and the really, yknow, strike-oriented kind of, red diaper, stop me before I make a complete imbecile of myself.The syntax of this line is significant. Alvy calls Allison New York and Central Park West, as if these place names by their very selves could function as descriptive adjectives imparting a certain quality on that which is being modified.Similarly, Alvy often metonymically characterizes others in relation to their individual locations. Poking fun at passers-by in Central Park, he calls one man, Mr. Miami Beach and says of a flamboyant-looking pair of men, Theyre back from Fire Island.In fact, Alvy very attraction to Annie is in no small part colored by her unique charm, which Alvy constantly attributes to her having grown up in a small Midwestern to wn. Annie, an aspiring singer who moved to New York in her adulthood, peppers her speech with cute expressions unfamiliar to Alvy. One famous example is this piece of dialogue which appears early in the film as the two walk on a beach in the Hamptons:Annie: Well, la-de-da!Alvy: La-de-da. If Iif anyone had ever told me that I would be taking out a girl who used expressions like la-de-daAnnie: Oh, thats right. That you really like those New York girls.When Annie mentions Grammy Hall, Alvy, exasperated, remarks, What did you do, grow up in a Normal Rockwell painting? Alvy eventually derisively calls these phrases like neat and keen her Chippewa Falls expressions, in reference to the rural Wisconsin town where Annie grew up. Despite not having any particular knowledge of this place, Alvy doesnt shy away from stereotyping Annies childhood experiences there:Annie: [discussing her ex-boyfriends] There was Dennis from Chippewa Falls High School.Alvy: Dennis-right, uh, uh local kid probably , would meetcha in front of the movie house on Saturday night.Yet Alvy enjoys a certain admiration of this life, despite his frequent condescension. When he ultimately visits Annies home, he delivers this soliloquy directed at the audience:I cant believe this family. Annies mother, she really is beautiful. And theyre talking swap meets and boat basins, and the old lady at the end of the table is a classic Jew hater. And, uh, they, they really look American, you know, very healthy and like they never get sick or anything. Nothing like my family.Interestingly, Alvy thinks that Annies family in Wisconsin typifies America, and that by contrast his own family in New York does not, as if one part of the country could even encapsulate the culture of the entire whole. On the matter of how America perceives New York, Alvy says this to Rob in a separate sequence:Dont you see? The rest of the country looks down upon New York like were, were left-wing Communist, Jewish, homosexual pornographers . I think of us that way, sometimes, and I, I live here.The idea of location producing identity is reinforced by similar parallels. In Chippewa, Alvy is shaken by a conversation he has with Annies flannel-shirted brother Duane, who delivers a dark monologue about contemplating suicide, which begins, I tell you this because, as an artist, I think youll understand. This line sets up a comparison between Duane and Alvy. Duanes halting manner of speech calls to mind Alvys own anxious stutter, and Duane, who appears to be somewhat of a dullard, suggests that he too has artistic attitudes on a level in which he can only relate to a fellow artist like Alvy. Perhaps, then, Alvy and Duane are simply products of their locations: where Duane sees swap meets, Alvy sees Bergman films; while Duane caulks holes, Alvy visits his analyst.A similar parallel exists between Annies and Alvys grandmothers. Grammy Hall appears cold, austere, and very offended by Alvy. There are various hints in the script that help explain Annies grandmothers point of view. When Annie and Alvy are meeting for the first time, Annie exclaims with some surprise, Youre what Grammy Hall would call a real Jew!' as if Alvy were some exotic creature of the East Coast. Additionally, when Annies grandmother observes Alvy at the dinner table, she envisions him as an Orthodox Jew. The implication is that Grammy Hall, as an elderly anti-Semite raised in the Midwest, is very unfamiliar with Jews and views them as dangerous outsiders. Similarly, Alvy tells Annie in another scene that his own grandmother never gave him gifts, as she was too busy getting raped by Cossacks. She too, then, was a product of her circumstances, vastly different geographically from those of Annies grandmother.By the third act of the film, Rob has moved to Los Angeles, where hes seemingly been transformed by his new location. When the film revisits him as the plot follows Alvy and Annies trip to the West Coast for an award presentation, Ro b has become very sexually active and invigorated by the atmosphere in L.A. When Alvy and Rob spy a girl at a party, Alvy remarks, Shes a ten, Max, and thats great for you because youre, youre used to twos, arent you? After picking Alvy up from prison, Rob dons a ridiculous helmet, and Alvy remarks, Max, are we driving through plutonium? Rob, in his final lines of the film, responds, Keeps out the alpha rays, Max. You dont get old.Meanwhile, at the end of the film, Alvy elicits a strong, bitter antipathy towards Los Angeles harkening back to his conversation with Rob at the start, where he first disparaged the notion of moving to the West Coast. He criticizes L.A. as a barren, cultureless wasteland. Visually, Beverly Hills presents a great contrast with Manhattan. We see wide roads lined with tall palm trees on broad, grassy lawns instead of small, sparse street trees built into gray sidewalks. Christmas decorations are set up in front of houses in this warm, snowless climate. The e clectic architecture contrasts with the regularity of Manhattan brownstones; on this, Alvy sarcastically remarks, Yeah, the architecture is really consistent, isnt it? French next to Spanish, next to Tudor, next to Japanese.After Alvy and Annie have broken up for the last time and Annie has moved to Los Angeles, Alvy returns and meets her at an outdoor cafe in an attempt to get her back. Annie says she wont marry him, and Alvy can only think to appeal to her purely in terms of location:Alvy: Why? You wanna live out here all year? Its like living in Munchkin Land. []Alvy: Youre not gonna come back to New York?Annie: Whats so great about New York? I mean, its a dying city.At last, Annie expressly compares Alvy to New York itself:Annie: Alvy, youre incapable of enjoying life, you know that? I mean, youre like New York City. Youre just this person. Youre like this island unto yourself.With that realization finally made clear, Annie and Alvy are permanently finished.Interestingly though, the character of Annie seems to suffer less from this concept of location as identity than the other characters. Where Alvy is tied to New York and Rob is enamored with L.A., Annie glides through the two worlds, neither of which are really her home. Perhaps, then, she is an example of one who, unlike Alvy, is capable of enjoying all life has to offer, someone who breaks this bond between one and ones geographic identity and is the better for it. Yet in the films coda, where Annie is revealed to have moved back to New York, it seems that she hasnt really progressed very far in her own life: her singing career on the West Coast presumably having failed, she lives in SoHo with her new boyfriend, whom she drags to see The Sorrow and the Pity. If Annie is actually no better than off than when we met her, then there exists no direct message within the film about her own relationship to geographic location.The other characters of the film, however, are invariably tied to their locations to the extent that they firmly embody where theyre exist. Annie Hall itself is arguably an embodiment of Manhattan, as a product of the wry ruminations of a writer/director born and raised in New York. As Allen subtly weaved into the narrative of the film his views about regional differences in 1970s America left-wing Communist, Jewish, homosexual pornographers in New York; lingering racial biases in flyover country; vacuous, artless garbage in Los Angeles he on some level embodied this tendency of stereotyping regions both in himself and in his character of Alvy Singer. In the final shot of the film, Annie and Alvy say goodbye for one last time across the street from Avery Fisher Hall then fade off into the city, leaving the viewer with a steady river of cars flowing down Columbus Ave. Appropriately, the last sequence is nothing more than a small snippet of the city which would come to identify with Woody Allen as much as Allen identifies with it.

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Critical Analysis The Folktale Of Momotaro Free Essay Example, 1500 words

The legend such as the depiction of the opponents in various Japanese books and films also follows the same pattern in which their character, location, and appearance are always demonized while Momotaro is represented as a hero. For example, the opponents are seen as the demonic enemy and their location as the island of devils. In addition, Momotaro appears in many caricatures and films as a strong and youthful embodiment of the new Japan as compared to the British and American who are presented as feeble and aging. He is the ancient Japan equivalent of our contemporary Superman as well as a hero and cultural icon for both the children and adults alike. One of the manifestations of how the legend of the Momotaro promoted Japanese national identity was consequently used as a justification for the Japanese imperialism was seen during the Japanese colonialism of Korea, China as well as the Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere. During this period, many Japanese animations figured the Chinese and the Koreans as primitive demons who can only be civilized and taught to follow the ways of Momotaro(Imperial Japan) once they have been subjugated. We will write a custom essay sample on Critical Analysis The Folktale Of Momotaro or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/page In the story, Momotaro is a commander of his military and he has a subsidiary that is the dog, a bird, and a monkey. Their work was to hit on the devil island. They began to attack in the air making the foe surrender or retreat. In this regard, Momotaro is depicted as a pure Japanese hero while the enemies are presented as the foreign demons who have been defeated. Momotaro was an immeasurably popular personality in Japan in the course of World War II. He appears in several wartime cartoons and films.